Barrie Beehag

Life Membership given in 1993


Barrie Beehag

Peter Glanville

Peter was given Life Membership to the Moama Water Sports Club in 1998.

Peter has been involved in the running of the Southern 80 for a long time.  He has been a tireless worker at the start line for a number of years.

His white Valiant with the green room was somewhat of an icon.

He has watched many competitors come up through the ranks starting as a tadpole skier and now many of them senior skiers.  They always find time to catch up with Peter at the start line and let him know how they are going.

Harley Nicholls

Life Membership given in 1998


Peter Glanville, Harley Nicholls, Barrie Beehag, Ken Oliver 1998

Ken Oliver

LIfe Membership given in 1998

Ken has been a member of the MWSC committee for 21 years. 1980 & 1980 and then then 1995 to 2013.

He got involved in the sport becuase his two sons started sk racing. Jamie started in Junior Boys and Travis started in Tadpoles. He stayed with the committee as the boys came through the ranks, with Jamie winning the event 4 times overall.

Ken has enjoyed the introduction of the Blitz for the superclass competitors and enjoyed taking the sport in the homes of ordinary people via the TV coverage.

Ken retired from the committee in 2013 to spend more time with his family, but still enjoys watching the sport from the banks of the river.

Kerry Floyd

Life Membership given in 2000


Kerry Floyd, Donna Wilson 2000

Donna Wilson

Life Membership given in 2000

Noel Grant

LIfe Membership given in 2006


Neil Donald, Ken Oliver, Noel Grant, Alan McDonald, Barrie Beehag 2006

Neil Donald

Life Membership given in 2006

Bob & Jane Dalton

Life Membership given in 2010


Betty McCoomb, Bob & Jane Dalton

Alan McDonald

Life Membership given in 2013

Alan has been the driving force behind many of the endeavors of the Moama Water Sports Club for a number of years. He’s guided the MWSC through some highs and lows-from some good years where we had great weather, crowd numbers and results to lows where we’ve had serious accidents and even the cancellation of racing due to Black Saturday. In his time on the Moama Water Sports Club committee he’s been a director, Vice President & President, as well as the ‘Race Controller’  for a number of years.

Julie Golledge

LIfe Membership given in 2015


We can apparently thank Jane Dalton for dragging Julie into the judges tent many years ago.
This lead to Barrie Beehag  locking her into more judging, then helping VWSA with Robinvale, to helping MWSC with our website, to be our information person at the Southern 80,

This lead to a bigger media role, to doing all our media, website, facebook etc, plus for many years doing the data base that we use to run both our races plus the SRA memberships program.

Lance Tomkins

LIfe Membership given in 2016