Archives / History of the Southern 80 Ski Race

The first water ski race on the Murray River at Echuca / Moama occurred in 1964.  This was the start of the current Southern 80.

1964 to 1969

The 2000’s saw the start of the Barrie Beehag Ski Race.  Lack of Insurance saw some changes to the sport of water ski racing.

2000 – 2009

The 1970’s saw the formation of the Moama Water Sports Club who took over the running of the Southern 80.


Some tough times with floods, change of dates

2010 – 2019

The 1980’s saw the popularity of the event develop for both spectators and competitors.

1980 – 1989

The era of new teams

2020 to now

The 1990’s saw the start of two days of racing

1990 – 1999