1965 – Shell Ski Marathon and Echuca Ski Cup

The race was called the Shell Ski Marathon and the Echuca Ski Cup was part of the Shell Murray Marathon.

The winner of the Ski Marathon was Rod Hay driving his boat West End with skiers John Rout and John Booth.  He took 13 hours, 29 minutes, 25 seconds in an 80HP boat.

There were 5 entries in the ski marathon over the 500 mile course.  There were 9 entries in the Echuca Ski Cup, which was contested over a shorter course.  The Marathon course was from Echuca to Picnic Point and return to Echuca – twice.  The course was changed due a fall in the river; previously the competitors were to travel to Yarrawonga and back.

It was held on the 30th & 31st October 1965.

Watches were synchronised with 3LO radio.

In the Echuca Cup, the winner was P Reison from Harboard NSW and his boat Turbofire that was a Chev Corvette inboard with and average speed of 57.2mph.

Reference: 2005 Southern 80 Program pg 11


Reference: 2005 Southern 80 Program pg 11