2010 Competitors Information

2010 Club Marine Southern 80

10th, 12th & 13th February 2009

AV Gas

No AV Gaswill be available from Echuca Aerodrome for the 2010 Club Marine Southern 80. Competitiors to make own arrangements.

Entries Close

Thursday 31st December 2009

Starting Times & Days

Classes 21 to 27 will race on Saturday 13th February commencing from 8.30am at Torrumbarry Weir Boat Ramp

Classes 28 to 35 will race on Saturday 13th February from 5 Mile Boat Ramp, commencing at approx. 12 midday

Classes 36 & 37 will race on Saturday 13th February from 5 Mile Boat Ramp, commencing at approx. 3.30pm

New start times for Sunday Expert only. (amended 29th November)

Classes 14 thru to 20 will start at Torrumbarry at 8.30 am Sunday morning leaving at 30 second intervals.
These classes will be seeded fastest to slowest.


Classes 1 thru to 13 will start at Torrumbarry at 12.00 pm Sunday, leaving at one minute intervals, starting with Super Class, Presidents Dash in their finishing order from Saturday, followed by rest of classes seeded fastest to slowest.

Entry Fees

Classes 1-27 $265 (including SRA Sanction fee)

Classes 28-33 $160 (including SRA Sanction fee)

Classes 34-35 $75 (including SRA Sanction fee)

Classes 36-37 $50 (including SRA Sanction fee)


Briefing will held at the MWSC Office, 72 Annesley st Echuca. It is compulsory for all Drivers and Observers.

Date: Friday 12th February 2009

Time: Every 45 minutes from 12 noon to 5 pm

If you are unable to attend you must contact the Secretary on 0354806754 to make arrangements, prior to the day.

Please refer to map of the location and entry gates

Southern 80

NOTE: The Shire has designated NO PARKING in Annesley st on the Railway Line side, between Eyre & Service St.

Parking Inspectors will be around

Briefing sheets in pdf format

Briefing sheet in pdf

Bakers Blitz and Presidents Invitational Briefing sheet in pdf format

Confirmation of Entry, Paperwork, Trailer Stickers, Passes etc

Paperwork and Passes can be collected from 72 Annesley st Echuca from between 12 noon and 5pm on Friday 12th February.

NO Paperwork or passes will be handed out to crew whose entries are NOT complete. Please ensure that you have a completed entry.

Competitor Passes. It will be responsibilty of the team member who collects the passes to ensure that the whole team recieved their competitor passes. You will not be allowed entry to finish line compound without a wristband on. No Excuses – NO ENTRY.

Pre Race – Scrutineering

Unless you have a scrutineering exemption form from SRA, you will be required to attend Scrutineering during 12 midday to 5pm at the MWSC office.

If you have an exemption you will be required to present your log book to a Scurineer at the MWSC office during scrutineering before paperwork is collected.


Paperwork and passes can be collected from the MWSC office from 12 noon to 5pm. NO paperwork will be handed out to crews whose entries are NOT complete. Please ensure that you have a completed entry ASAP. This includes that all SRA Memberships are up to date.


It will be the RESPONSIBILITY of the team member who collects passes to ensure that their whole team recieves their competitor passes.



01 Superclass 15
02 Unlimited Inboard Expert 31
03 Unlimited Outboard Expert 8
04 8 Litre Expert 8
05 6 Litre Expert 18
06 MOC Expert 13
07 SMOC Expert 32
08 Stock 6 Litre Expert 16
09 F2 Expert 23
10 5.2 & 6 Cyl Expert 8
11 Open Women Expert 16
12 16-19 Boys Expert 14
13 16-19 Girls Expert 7
14 2.5 Litre Outboard Expert 8
15 Junior Boys Expert 13
16 Junior Girls Expert 7
17 70 mph Expert 25
18 Sub Junior Boys Expert 10
19 60 mph Expert 45
20 Sub Junior Girls Expert 4
21 Unlimited Inboard Social 12
22 Unlimited Outboard Social 18
23 5.2 & 6 Litre Social 11
24 SMOC Social 28
25 Stock 6 Litre Social 8
26 Open Women Social/Dawn Rowbottom Memo 15
27 2.5 Litre Social 9
28 Veterans Over 40 26
29 Senior Social 30-39 17
30 Junior Social 13
31 Sub Junior Social 16
32 70 mph Social 20
33 60mph Social 41
34 Disabled 4
35 Tadpoles 15
36 Bakers Blitz 15
37 Presidents Invitational Dash 25
Total Number of Entries 614

Team Profile

Teams can download a Team Profile Proforma here. We will provide the information to the PA and relevant media, but we cannot guarantee that it will be used. Download the form here and please email to webmaster@southern80.com.au by Thursday 11th February 2009.

Post Race – Scrutineering

All place getters in engine classes will be scrutineered prior to the collection of trophies. A phone call to team captains will advise of the need to attend Post Race Scrutineering

Cantech Engineering – Breakfast with the Stars

This will be held on Friday 12th February 2010 from 7am to 9am.

Place: Sound Shell Moama

Open to all boats

Quest Echuca Apartments Launch Night

Friday 12th February 2010

Time: 8pm

Venue: Corporate Tent at Victoria Park Boat Ramp Finish Line Area.

Tickets available from the MWSC Office

Total Tools – Epping, Static Display

Saturday 13th February from 9am to approx. 1pm

Venue: Hare st Echuca (main shopping street)

Open to all Boats

Trophy for best presented Inboard and Outboard

McDonalds Echuca, Lunchtime Entertainment

Moomba Masters Ski Show

Jetsprint Boats