Special Edition

2014 Club Marine Southern 80

Where is the team from?Who do you admire most in the sport of water ski racing?

Class Competing In

Unlimited Inboard




565 Donovan


Luke Renau (Mr sheen)


David Walton (Lego head)


Robbie Knowles (Duck bum) and the other skier is T BA (


-Maverick Marine in Corowa.
-Bundalong Tavern in Bundalong.
-Autopro in Yarrawonga.
Pending and hoping they jump on board
-Pigdons Holden Yarrawonga.
-ST F Engineering in Yarrawonga

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Special Edition Racing


Your Teams Achievements this season

None as of yet. First race for the season and hasn’t race
since being purchased off Noel Griffin back in 2007.

What is the challenge in this event?

To concour the biggest ski race in the southern hemisphere
and just finish with it’s 126 bends and 82Km distance its
one of the hardest races on the ski racing calander for
skiers and drivers.
The team is from Yarrawonga/Corowa.

Who is going to win the 2014 Club Marine Southern 80?

Would love Ruddy to win in the Syndicate or just a V drive
would be nice. Just to say us V drive fella’s still have got
what it takes on a good day.

Estimate your time down the river.

37:00 or so minutes or just a finish would be good on the
first outing.
God’s Gift ( Graeme Richies) it was ahead of it’s time back
in the day and that 21 Ft V botton Stephens use to look like
it was on rails and Graeme could drive the big girl just how
they should be driven on there bum

Other comments

If there’s a skier out there looking for a tow and is capable
of mid 90’s to high 90’s where looking for you our other skier
hasn’t race in two seasons so where just building up over
the 3 Vic river races.


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