2014 Conditions of Entry

At 23rd January 2013

Please note ALL boats competing in the 2014 CLUB MARINE SOUTHERN 80 will need to be re-scrutineered regardless of exemption. This is a NSW Maritime condition of Aquatic Licence.  Boats may be scrutineered up to 2 weeks prior to race when we make available via our web site the scrutineering form. This form will have a Southern 80 water mark on it and is the only form acceptable. Please note you must have your boat scrutineered  AFTER  your last event and prior  to the Southern 80. This also includes a fresh crack test report for rudder done POST 13th January
Scrutineering Forms are now available download here. You can simply visit an SRA scrutineer at a time that suits or present your boat at Echuca on Friday 7th February as per normal. Every boat owner is to hand in scrutineering form to girls on Friday at the office.

1. Rules
The Southern 80 is conducted under SRA rules and MWSC Conditions of Entry. All competitors will be conversant with such rules.
2. Memberships
All competitors need to be current SRA members. Please note that SRA will not accept memberships 10 days prior to the event.
3. Entry to the event
An entry is not deemed to be accepted till all payments have been made and cleared.  Refunds only given to teams withdrawn prior to the printing of the official program.
4. Team Captains
We will be contacting team captains via email and SMS before and during the event, please ensure that these details are correct with Ski Racing Australia.
5. Unforseen circumstances
MWSC will not be responsible for any delays or cancellation of the event caused by a force majeure event including but not limited to  acts of God, fire, war, terrorism, epidemic, earthquake, strike, bad weather, labour controversy, order of court, shortage or interruptions of facilities or material supply.
6. Crew Responsibility
Competitors will obey directions from all Officials as per SRA Rules of Conduct (SRA 18.1) It is the responsibility of the Driver and Observer to sign in at the information area and attend a Briefing.  MWSC encourage all team members to attend the briefing. All competitors will be conversant with the MWSC briefing sheet regulations and these Conditions of Entry regarding withdrawals, injuries and recovery of stricken boats. Breaches of these rules will incur disqualification from future Southern 80’s.
7. Alcohol / Drugs
SRA rule 6.1 re: Breath Testing.
Competitor Breath testing will occur prior to competing.
Consumption of Alcohol is not permitted by competitors until Boat and Crew are out of the water and off the boat ramp. Alcohol is not permitted to be carried in boats.
8. Post-Race Scrutineering
Scrutineering of boats Post-Race will be carried out in both Inboard and Outboard classes. All engines will be checked, when requested by Chief Scrutineer with two team members only. Refer also to SRA 9.10. Failure to comply will incur immediate disqualification.
9. Social Classes Skis used in social classes must conform to SRA rule 6.6. Ropes in Social Classes at the Southern 80 to be MAX 36m including tracer and handles.
10. Superclass
Superclass entrants must have applied to SRA to compete in Superclass as per SRA rule 6.9. A completed entry must be submitted and a second class nominated.
11. Beechworth Bakeries Bakers Blitz
Beechworth Bakeries  Bakers Blitz and Presidents Dash, all these boats will run Sat for position on Sunday, must run Blitz and Dash number, Blitz will be Super Class boats, Dash will be next fastest boats as seeded by the committee. Slowest Super Class boat on Saturday will leave before fastest Dash boat for Sunday racing. [Seeded in two blocks] 12. Withdrawal
No boat is to move along the course once they have ceased racing, until the Sweep Boat has passed displaying the Green Flag stating “River Open”
13. Substitutions
All Substitutions are to be given to the relevant MWSC official.  Substitutions will only be accepted at the discretion of the organising committee. No Substitutions will take place during the race (No swapping positions), Breach of this rule will incur disqualification.
14. Specific Classes
60 mph Class as per SRA rule 6.10 70 mph Class as per SRA rule 6.11 Tadpoles Class to tow ONE skier Disabled Class to tow ONE skier unless prior arrangement with race secretary.
15. Incident Report
Failure to complete incident reports by 6.00pm on race day will see time/results not being posted. Please comply.
16. Presentation
Failure to attend presentation will see all prize money forfeited.

Note: Superclass engines may be capacity tested by SRV Chief Scrutineer.

Equipment and Behaviour deemed not to be in the ‘spirit’ of the rules of Water Ski Racing may see teams excluded by the Race Committee without further notice, this includes Abuse of Officials. SRA 5.5a xi

Any breach of MWSC Conditions of Entry will lead to Penalties/Disqualification as per the discretion of the Chief Judge in consultation with MWSC officials. Decisions are final and will be accepted by all members as indicated on the entry form.