2015 Risk Management

6th – 8th February 2015

At the 20th November 2014

All competitors are requested to produce their SRA Membership card when signing in at briefing and for breathalysers.

All boats to be scrutineered within two weeks prior to the event.

A new Southern 80 scrutineering form will be available from the 23rd January 2015, via this website and sent to boat owners..

We will arrange for these to be emailed to all SRA approved scrutineers.

A new crack test certificate (if applicable) needs to be sighted by the scrutineer, along with new steering cables fitted to all cable and pulley systems (SRA rule 7.14x). These items must be done on or after the 12/1/2015. Old steering cable is to be presented to the scruitneer.

If you compete in an event after this scrutineering, your scrutineering is null and void and must be done again.

You will need to present a Southern 80 Scrutineering form (other scrutineering forms will not be accepted) on Friday 6th February 2015, at the briefing and paperwork finalisation area.

There are no exceptions to these rules; all boats are to be scrutineered prior to the event.

The entries to the event will be capped based on the number of entries from last year’s event. A graph will be displayed on our web page indicating the number of entries processed prior to the closing date for the event.

It is recommended that at least one Telstra mobile phone be carried in the boat, as this service has be found to provide the best coverage in this are in the case of emergency. Please ensure that this number is noted against one of your crew members in the event, in the case that we need to contact you urgently.
Each boat is to have fitted to it a Race Safe H20 bracket as per the instructions on the SRA website http://www.skiracing.com.au/racesafe-h2o-safety-tracking-for-every-ski-racing-major-event-qa-doc-with-fitting-kit-instructions/ .  Race Safe H20 will be available for collection at the briefing and finalisation area on Friday 7th February 2013.  This unit needs to be turned on and functional during this event.

Moama Water Sports Club is holding a Scrutineering Day on Sunday 25th January from 10am to 2pm, at our offices in Annesley st Echuca