2017 Conditions of Entry

At 30th November 2016


All boats to be scrutineered. There is no scrutineering available on Friday at the Moama Water Sports Club Offices. Scrutineering is to be completed before the event.
Please note Gate 3 for scrutineering required for all boats if you have competed in any SRA sanctioned event prior to the 30th January 2017. Contact your local SRA scrutineer on or after this date for this and get it done at a time that suits both parties. Scrutineering WILL NOT be available at Echuca on Friday 12th February.

Make sure your scrutineering sheet is sent thru to SRA office prior to race weekend.
All boats with cable and pulley system steering to have their cable replaced for Gate 3. Old cable to be presented to scrutineer. SRA rule 9.14x.

All V Drive boats to have a new prop and rudder crack test as per SRA scrutineering sheet to be done on or after 1/2/17. These also need to be sent thru to SRA office prior to race weekend.
This is a Roads and Maritime and SRA requirement for conditions of Aquatic Licence.


All competitors are requested to provide their SRA picture id Membership Card when signing in when being breath tested and for briefing. Signing in will be via the bar code on your SRA membership card. All skiers are to present their helmets to the breath testing area.

The entries for the event will close on Thursday 31st December 2016.
Your Boat entry Fee of $212 includes the following

  • $132 Race Safe H20 Fee
  • $40 SRA Boat Levy
  • $40 Insurance Levy per Person 4 x $10

Your entry fee for the following classes

  • Classes 1 $323 plus $150 Blitz = $483
  • Classes 2-24   $323
  • Classes 25-35  $245
  • Classes 40-41 $245
  • Classes 36 & 37   $100
  • Classes 38- 39 $150 (top 30 boats as per SRA seeding)


  • Entry fee, which includes the costs to run the event including SRA sanctioning, Ambulance, administration costs, trophies etc.

Note there is

  • 1.5% transaction fee for the use of Credit Card.

This will be charged at the completion of the transaction.

It is recommended that at least one Telstra mobile phone be carried in the boat, as this service has been found to provide the best coverage in this area, in the case of an emergency. Please ensure that this number is noted against one of your team members in the event, in the case that we need to contact you urgently.

All boats as per SRA sanctioning are to carry RaceSafe H2O. Further information about this device, where to get mounting kits, where to mount it, and what it can do can be obtained from the SRA website or http://racesafeh2o.com.au/2013/06/19/competitors/
This event will be timed utilising the Race Safe H20 Unit, please ensure that it is fitted correctly.  If we are unable to read your unit, you will not receive a time for the event.

1. Rules
The Southern 80 Ski Race is conducted under Ski Racing Australia Rules (“SRA”) and Moama Water Sports Club (“MWSC”) Bylaws. All competitors will be conversant with all such RULES and BYLAWS. The MWSC reserves the right to refuse entry to any Competitor at any time prior to commencement of their race.
2. Entry to event
An entry is not deemed to be accepted till all payments have been made.
3. Refunds
Full refunds only given if notification is given in writing prior to the 11th January 2017

  • RaceSafe H20 refund given if notification is given in writing prior to the 6th February 2017.
  • SRA Boat Race Day Fee refund given if notification is given in writing prior to Saturday 11th February 2017.
  • All refunds will incurr a $30 admin fee and will be processed to the team captain within two weeks after the conclusion of the event.

4. Briefing
Briefing will only be offered online.  Please ensure that you are current with SRA by Friday 5th February 2017.  Online briefing details will be sent out to SRA membership emails on Saturday 6th February 2017.  The online briefing will close on 4am Saturday 12th February 2017.  There will be no other briefing offered.  Failure to attend briefing will mean a non-start SRA rule 13.12b.

5. Licence
All Competitors must have current SRA approved State Ski Racing Licence and Maritime Licence (or state equivalent).
6. Medicals & First Aid
As part of our conditions of sanctioning with SRA, all relevant competitors must have valid & current Medical & First Aid. This will be checked upon entry.
7. Boat Registrations
All boats must be currently registered with the controlling State Maritime Authority and carry current Registration labels.
8. Competitor Safety Equipment 
All boats must carry Maritime Safety Equipment. Drivers, Observers and Skiers must wear approved life jackets and helmets.
9. Team Captains
We will be contacting team captains via email and SMS before and during the event, please ensure that these details are correct with Ski Racing Australia.
10. Unforseen circumstances
MWSC will not be responsible for any delays or cancellation of the event caused by a force majeure event including but not limited to  acts of God, fire, war, terrorism, epidemic, earthquake, strike, bad weather, labour controversy, order of court, shortage or interruptions of facilities or material supply.
11. Crew Responsibility
Competitors will obey directions from all Officials as per SRA Rules Code of Conduct. It is the responsibility of the entire team to sign in at briefing at the Information area and attend briefing. All competitors will be conversant with MWSC Briefing Sheet regulations regarding withdrawals, injuries and recovery of stricken boats. Breaches of these rules may incur disqualification from future MWSC races.
12. Alcohol/Drugs
Random breath testing/drug testing will be carried out. Alcohol is not permitted to be carried in boats. Consumption of Alcohol is not permitted by Competitors until Boat and Crew are out of the water.
13. Boat Regulations
No refuelling in the water at any time.
14. Notification of numbers
Available from MWSC after 14th January 2017. They will be emailed to Team Captains, please ensure your details are correct with SRA.
15. Post-Race Scrutineering
Scrutineering of boats Post-Race will be carried out in both Inboard and Outboard classes. All engines will be checked, when requested by Chief Scrutineer with two team members only. Refer also to SRA 11.11 Failure to comply will incur immediate disqualification.
16. Social Classes
Skis used in social classes must conform to SRA rule 8.7 Ropes in Social Classes at the Southern 80 to be MAX 60m including tracer and handles.
17. Superclass
Superclass entrants must have applied to SRA to compete in Superclass as per SRA rule 8.10a. A completed entry must be submitted and a second class nominated.
18. Bakers Blitz
Beechworth Bakeries  Bakers Blitz and Presidents Dash, all these boats will run Sat for position on Sunday, must run Blitz and Dash number, Blitz will be Super Class boats, Dash will be next fastest boats as seeded by the committee.
19. Withdrawal
No boat is to move along the course once they have ceased racing, until the Sweep Boat has passed displaying the Green Flag stating “River Open”. (see condition 11)
20. Substitutions
All substitutions are to be in writing via email. No substitutions will take place during the Race (no swapping positions), breach of this rule will incur disqualification.
21. Miscellaneous
Skis used during the Southern 80 Ski Race must be of wood or fibreglass composite construction, must not exceed 2.4 x 20 cm and must not exceed 2.5 cm thickness. They must be fitted with suitable fin and bindings. Boats used during the Southern80 Ski Race must measure (min) 4m x 1.5m and 30cm deep, and have side by side seating for Driver and Observer (except Tunnel-Deck Outboards).
22. Specific Classes
60 mph Class as per SRA rule 8.11 70 mph Class as per SRA rule 8.12 Under 10’s Class to tow ONE skier Disabled Class to tow ONE skier unless prior arrangement with race secretary.
23. Race Day Report
Failure to complete race day reports within 1 hour from completion of racing will see time/result not being posted. Please comply.

Any breach of MWSC Conditions of Entry will lead to Penalties/Disqualification as per the discretion of the Chief Judge in consultation with MWSC officials. Decisions are final and will be accepted by all members as indicated on the entry form.