2020 Race

Racing took place 7th, 8th & 9th February 2020

Outright winner


Time: 31:06.09

Driver: Darren McGuire

Observer: Steven Robertson

Skiers: Daniel Cotton, Daniel Graziano


Stephen Shipp (President), Anthony O’Reilly (Vice President), Dean Johns (Vice President), Mark Newton (Treasurer),  Lisa Clancy (Assistant Treasurer), Daryl Farley, Graeme Glanville,  Ken Oliver, Max Glanville, Neil Donald, Sam Horne, Shaun Williams, Steve Robson, Wally Edwards  Betty McCoomb (Secretary)


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Competitor Briefing Information

Briefing will only be offered at the MWSC office on Friday 7th February commencing at midday until 4.30pm, running every 45 minutes. There will be no other briefing offered.  Failure to attend briefing will mean a non-start SRA rule 13.12b.

Briefing Sheet can be downloaded here

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